Monday, 3 March 2014


Morning is the time where nature sends out its most delicate messages and you are more sensitive to them. Feeling sluggish in the morning, the sight of dawn, the still air on the skin, the faint sounds of birds and animals awakening-all these set the state of renewal.  Home is where you can feel everything in short mixture of everything. Listen to what is happening around you.

Front View Of Mona Greens, Zirakpur

When you wake up, you feel alert and clearheaded in this new house. A home is where you can live in peace. They as an experienced designers know what most of them are looking for clever ways to enhance space in your home. There is no fixed designing when it comes to designing a small home or a huge home or flats/apartments.   Painting walls in bright colors, coming up with unconventional hidden storage solutions, embedding multifunctional semi-furnished in multi-purpose space, these are just few tricks that can complete a home. Adding colors, subtle paintings, graphic arts and designed tiles or vitrified tiles for a comfortable feel and personalize the space in any way one can think of, without messing up or overcrowding.

These inspiring designs by designers in Zirakpur for a young couple to enjoy their time home relaxing or with lot of friends as often it happens, makes people feel living in utmost comfort. The trigonometric style has the emphasis to make the spaces look not too busy but providing the necessary designs and storage spaces at the same time.
Mona Greens Building Images

Zirakpur and other nearby cities have emerged to be the busiest hub in Punjab and have been developing at a staggering pace enhancing business prospects at all levels. Office spaces that are rented or bought in this city offer profitable income as the city has been developing in a number of globe. After the success of investments in residential property many of them are putting their luck in commercial.

Basic requirements of any business include peaceful transportation, work atmosphere and facilities to grow. As the city have the benefit of close proximity to airport and enables fast transportation connecting all roads, it has become a viable location for many business houses recently. After the construction of highway all traffic passed in front of these properties, however with the recent main bridge built on this highway, one has to take the slide road and travel on the flyover to reach these commercial properties. Most of the office spaces in Zirakpur are spaced and well-constructed without offering a congested look.

Overview Of Near Mona Greens

Developing various projects which have been a source of reference for various other Builders in Zirakpur, Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and close by areas, MT has left its strong impressions on others to follow. After the successful completion of Mona Greens on the VIP Road of Zirakpur and its immediate sold-out with the result of undoubtful acceptance and love from people, MT quickly entered the second phase of developing the second part, Mona Greens II on the Gazipur road.