Monday, 24 February 2014

Exquisite flats designed to inspire your senses

Believe it or not! Flat design is shaking up all aspects of the design and expectation of all customers. But with Mona Townships, people doesn’t have to think twice before buying or one can go through MTZirakpur and check out the interiors how beautifully they have designed each rooms of the house. 

Sky View Of Mona Greens
 They as an experienced designers know what most of them are looking for clever ways to enhance space in your home. There is no fixed designing when it comes to designing a small home or a huge home or flats/apartments.   Painting walls in bright colors, coming up with unconventional hidden storage solutions, embedding multifunctional semi-furnished in multipurpose space, these are just few tricks that can complete a home. Adding colors, subtle paintings, graphic arts and designed tiles or vitrified tiles for a comfortable feel and personalize the space in any way one can think of, without messing up or overcrowding.

These inspiring designs by designers in Zirakpur for a young couple to enjoy their time home relaxing or with lot of friends as often it happens, makes people feel living in utmost comfort. The trigonometric style has the emphasis to make the spaces look not too busy but providing the necessary designs and storage spaces at the same time.

Your Great Experiences With Us

Mostly interior designers believe in implementing ideas rather than just imagining it or planning and maneuverings.  They take proper care of the layout of the house and its designing in each room and others as well. They have given a perfect look to the house with their indigenous designs and classic look to each corner of the room.

Each room is made with little romantic and beautiful tile combination and bathrooms with lively look.
Interior designer team has put all its effort in our project that involves turning an interior space into an effective setting for the range of human activities that are to take place there. This multifaceted profession gives room spectacular look by giving it a conceptual development and execution of a design. The interior designer may work on the project from the initial planning stage.

Your Bedroom Images

They have sport their own style everywhere around your home to swathe it with the best interiors. Apt shades for walls, wonderful floor do and modern way of designing will give a facelift to your room. Treat your home with creative ideas and expert experience to make it the sweetest home.
You can be more creative with rooms by
1. Making the room vivid, there comes the purple accent which you can apply in some walls and ceiling parts
2. You can make kitchens, washrooms and others glowing as well.
3. The tiny bedroom which has the minimal look out of all, containing only bed, wardrobe, you can make them more interesting by using custom made wall paper. A good start for the day is to start up the day with energy text in front of your eyes.
4. On the living room, you can add a new look to the walls by introducing the spirits of the city life in the space where busy evenings and weekends are taking part.  

Your Beautiful Room
  Historically inspired style meets open and comfortable interiors, making these homes as functional as they are beautiful. Whether you're looking for a luxury masterpiece or a cozy country cottage, Mona Townships has the best of all and builder-friendly designs to choose from. Each apartment is open from three sides that is balcony, giving unrestricted view of the complex as well as the surroundings.