Monday, 24 March 2014

Living Rest of Life at Mona Greens II

I am so delighted that I have got the opportunity to share my feelings with you all. I am big crazy fan of clothes but I never thought my interest would change that too with home that I have presently planned to buy. A small porch at the starting emphasizes the height of each room.

A foyer at the starting gives you a great look to the rest of the home. A few square feet home makes the city more greener and a great place to stay and a charming one. In fact Zirakpur is considered as Green for its lush greenery scattered around the whole city. The rows of green trees on the road side, well maintained green lawns and parks, beautiful green natural surroundings gave the city the title of Green Zirakpur.

You can spend your time here working, walking, jogging and spending time with your loved ones in the parks. It has been a favored place for green lovers and a haven for solitude lovers. Even today, when the whole city pulsates with the rhythms of modernity, you can easily find some serene sectors nestling under the amiable shades of Neem and Jamun. First the Mughals and then the British, fell in love with this princely state, Chandigarh and spend millions to beautify their territory.

High quality malls still held their head high amidst lush green sectors that add to the wonderful landscape. Zirakpur with its gardens and green spaces, with its high levels of income and with its avenues for employment attracts nearby lakhs of persons by way of in-migration every year. This rapid growth of Zirakpur has resulted in enormous pressure on existing service infrastructure and a significant increase in all types of sectors. 

Amazing value for money! Perfect for families or couples who are probing for that much needed peace and quiet. The area is very peacefully, near to large restaurants, lots of entertainments and nature which is right on your door step. The house is very well kept throughout and has been modernized as per your requirements, all rooms are newly wallpapered. Though semi-furnished but are well developed and looks like as if it is fully furnished.

The entire team of MT Zirakpur is committed to deliver supreme quality at par with the best in the industry maintaining the most exacting standards and offering a complete peace of mind and luxurious lifestyle. It is a chain of well planned self sufficient high quality residential projects with Innovative concepts.

These flats are basically believed for reliability, design and noteworthy work. They build homes; develop residential lands that reflect passion towards world class lifestyle space. These properties were founded few years ago and currently the name represents one of the most faithful and reputed construction companies in Northern India providing their veil project after project like the Mona City, Mona Paradise Apartments and many more. There are various zenith projects that are provided to our customers in an affordable price, a complete value for money and a peace of mind.