Friday, 3 January 2014

How To Find A Good Life Here ?

Every body know that hospital is very important in our life. Because we don't know that which time we need this? Last month i went to Chandigarh , we see the all area , it is very beautiful area. But at night i have feel some fever and my friends take off me and went to hospital. And near about 2 hours i feel better. But when saw the hospital in morning. I am very shocked because that time i saw the all building are too bad condition.

Ref. By The Tribune, Chandigarh

In that time i am very surprised that the place all man comes here for became healthy. But the hospital building not in good condition . In Nehru hospital building hugs of cracks posing a threat to it. You can not believed that the cracks are visible on the room area, windows area and boundaries area also . Can you agree this is the hospital condition of Chandigarh. It is not more when i saw a floor with railing , that time i just think that if some body feel down there , i am sure that the man dead. It is too dangers for every one like patient and other man also. Because at night when lighting some slow that time any time can be feel down there.   Even the iron bars installed for supporting the building can be see hanging from the balcony of the hospital building.

Ref.  By Chandigarh Tribune

This images you all see the how dangerous it is ? Any man can feel down from there. The  Minister of health and family welfare had sanctioned a grant of 200 core of the PGI and the research block 150 core for the Nehru hospital building in September 2011.

This is facts that lot of money issued for the repair of the hospital building , but the building condition still as it is. But where went the money , no body know that where spends the money.   Sources revealed that the authorizes person were contemplating a rehabilitation plane for the Nehru hospital for carrying out its complete renovation .
It is very hard true of the hospital that the authorizes person were not very keen on repair the hospital . Because if the government issued the fund , money spend and hospital condition still same. But the all money spend.

It means that some things going to be wrong  in the hospital. I am very surprised that the people of the Chandigarh , they know for the very great man of India and the Punjab , one of the great rich state in the India , and in they that type of matter going on and no body can make a noise to stop it. I can not beloved.

So please if you can do some thinks , you will as soon as possible. Because it is not only the matter of you , it is the matter of all  the man .

This is my very small view of this matter . if you will tell me any think please comment here.