Friday, 24 January 2014

Easy Day in Punjab that makes your life easy

Seeing my friend’s room I realized that even though she has tons of hobbies and really had a home close by all necessities. But she was not happy with everyday ups and downs far from her house as she had to go so far for buying her basic needs. I can’t see her suffering from this problem, I decided to ask her to shift her home from there to Zirakpur where I am staying which is surrounded by basic amenities that is needed in everyday life.  You can say colorful houses surrounding the beautiful shopping store which not only gives satisfaction to the customers, also for the people staying nearby.

She was earning so much that she accepted that she will reallocate the house as possible as she can. As she was fed up of the distance she had to cover from shops to the house. She bought a flat in Mona Greens where my house was actually is. Luckily, my neighbor flat was vacant, so I booked that flat for my friend. I m happy so do she was. She was more happy because of the fact that her home was near shopping store. Now let me say something about this shopping hub.

Easy day stores are one-stop shops that cater to every family’s day-to-day needs. They bring together a wide range of relevant goods, high quality products and great in-store experience and service, all under one roof. These neighborhood format stores offer more than 3,000 products at the lowest prices. The wide assortment of goods include personal care products, stationery, household articles, hosiery items, as well as daily-need groceries including staples, processed foods, bakery and dairy products, meat and poultry and fresh produce. 

My friend added “It’s nice to come here and shop in Easy Day, one saves a whole lot of money on daily needs even in these days of inflation where prices have reached the roof. I like shopping in Easy Day because it provides lowest prices everyday across categories like food grocery vegetables, apparel and general merchandise. Also, it provides me great customer satisfaction and hassle free billing”. 
Easy Day offers many nice shops, and caters to the more general type of shopper. There are many luxurious shops, but also enough regular shops. This store has a great food court but also many restaurants. Definitely it’s a place to be visited by tourists. Locals always call it a tourist store, but still many tens of thousands come to this store every weekend to relax and hang out. Tourists may find many shops offer different products that at other stores.

Easy day is very much worth a visit; even my friend started liking it. It is a huge shopping complex with numerous stores. A distinctive Easy Day store sells groceries like beverages, spices, sauces, vegetables, fruits, condiments, chips, cookies, dairy and baked products, canned goods, soups, grains, snacks, candy, beauty products like toiletries, fragrances, makeup, shaving and skin care items, health care items, apparel, hosiery, shoes & accessories, books & stationary, toys, gifts, kitchen ware, home improvements products including tools, lighting & electronic accessories and items related to religion. Easy Day close to the Mona Greens Appartments a uniquely designed store which makes life more easy, Mona Greens Apartments combines contemporary lifestyle and peacefulness, with the edge of a delightful concept. You can experience the uniqueness and the planned infrastructure and world class amenities- all catering to the contemporary lifestyle that one can aspire for just like I m having. At Mona Greens, you can wish to have modern-day lifestyle coupled with a blissful life in tune with nature and serenity & entertainments nearby apartments.
Easy Day in Punjab usually follows the same format just like other stores; every store contains numerous items to sell in. It contains a single floor but sprawled across few square feet that have the most popular accessories and daily to daily requirements. They often contain IT shops like gadgets/computers and specialty stores. For people, articles are quite affordable and are literally available in reasonable price.