Friday, 20 December 2013

Morning View greenery in Mona Townships

Mona Townships is always greens, all reds and all blues!!

Mona Townships in Zirakpur make the city more greener and a great place to stay. In fact Zirakpur is considered as Green for its lush greenery scattered around the whole city. The rows of green trees on the road side, well maintained green lawns and parks, beautiful green natural surroundings gave the city the title of Green Zirakpur. Also making it the greenest city of India, and a great place to spend holidays with nature.

You can spend your time here working, walking, jogging and spending time with your loved ones in the parks. It has been a favored place for green lovers and a haven for solitude lovers. Even today, when the whole city pulsates with the rhythms of modernity, you can easily find some serene sectors nestling under the amiable shades of Neem and Jamun. First the Mughals and then the British, fell in love with this princely state, Chandigarh and spend millions to beautify their territory. High quality malls still held their head high amidst lush green sectors that add to the wonderful landscape. Zirakpur with its gardens and green spaces, with its high levels of income and with its avenues for employment attracts nearby lakhs of persons by way of in-migration every year. This rapid growth of Zirakpur has resulted in enormous pressure on existing service infrastructure and a significant increase in all types of sectors.

Zirakpur is near the main city ‘Chandigarh’ which is the only city in India that serves as the capital of two states, Punjab and Haryana, simultaneously. It is one of the union territories of India and derives its name from Chandir Mandir, a temple of Goddess Chandi, located in the nearby Panchkula district (Haryana). The word Chandigarh literally means “the fort of Chandi”. Chandigarh is the first well-planned city in India, which is well known across the globe for its splendid architecture and urban planning.

Zirakpur is considered as a better option as it is connected to various places and mainly connecting Chandigarh, Chandigarh- Patiala Highway, Chandigarh Delhi Highway, Kalka Shimla highway and many. Some of them are really very popular which has made Zirakpur a hot destination and is increasingly becoming most popular property place. The appearance of the city has seen a tremendous change from one of lush green fields to concrete jungles. However, the estate developers till now had been comforted a lot as their housing projects succeed to do well.

In fact, a research has been done on various builders in Zirakpur and other builders. Compared with other big cities like Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and many, residential projects are developed and launched in Zirakpur every month. Demand for residential apartments in Zirakpur has increased a lot as the builders are constantly launching their projects at an affordable price.

A number of intensive protection and rehabilitation measures have been taken recently that makes for a cleaner and greener change in Zirakpur outlook. Zirakpur have actively participated in eco-care programmes including the anti-littering and anti-plastic bag campaigns, and as a fruit of their pains, Zirakpur today enjoys a true green look. Even school children have eschewed the fun of burning fire crackers on the event of Diwali, one of the most celebrated national festivals of India. Hundreds of plants are rooted everyday for a fresher breath.

Some of the serene pockets, as those nestling in Central and South Zirakpur, are so refreshing that a stay gives a real enchantment. So much so, you can even feel a sudden drop in temperature if you move through them. As a mandatory measure, every residential society is fringed with silent parks and lush manicured gardens, if possible. It makes for a nice place to jog in the morning and a playground for children who hems in here with their caretakers in the evening. Interestingly, some of the modern sectors around also flaunt of trees and fruit saplings, a government owned pleasure for enthusiastic Zirakpur.

Enjoy the charm of picking up raw mangoes and savoring them with a pinch of common salt. Wow, that tastes amazing! In a nutshell, the whole of Zirakpur has emerged as a green and clean park, where you can relax despite the cacophony of modernity.