Saturday, 28 December 2013

Life Of Zirakpur ( Punjab)

Want to celebrate our Christmas days in Zirakpur area , it is the small but very great place in Chandigarh city in Punjab State. And we all know this thinks is that Punjabi are enjoy the life and In our trip we agree this sentence.  It is very beautiful area , and Where there was greenery all around. And you just amazing that the top story building among them. What a beautiful view that time?  I can express that, but that time we all feel like we will in New York with green city.  You feel too happy when you come here.
Night Life In Zirakpur 
I think it is enough about Zirakpur and we tell you what we feel in Zirakpur with our whole story from start to end.  We take a train form new Delhi railway station near about 2.30 p.m. and I think the train name is this Uhl Janshatabdi (12057).And near about 4 hours after at evening time  we all in Chandigarh railways station . And  my friend  Nand Lal is come to receives us. We sit in a car and go to his home . His home in vip Rd . So we all  goes to his home and what a view from his home . All around see the beautiful building and lot of projects going on.  I am very surprised that lot of project going on here. I think after some years the all area became like a new York city.

At night we all going to see the night life of Zirakpur area. At near the home  a great shopping mall . We goes there and buy lot of cloths and other item. We all comes to home at near around 10 p.m. we all are too tired so we just take dinner and take bed .

At early morning my friend come and told me “Good morning”. We reply with same to you. And we all go to see the real Zirakpur with early morning.  At morning the weather like fog and too clod. We all wear warm coat. We wounding all around Zirakpur. 
There we stay in front of our a tea steal in front of your home. And i am very surprise that time the early morning the tea man , made his tea and lot of people take tea there. You all know that in a cool weather how great when you take a hot tea. 

After some time we all decide that we all go and see the Zirakpur by car or you can says that we all see the Zirakpur by road. But after some  we realized that we are wrong. Because it morning time we have face some traffic and at the near about 11 .00 a.m. we have face a lot of problems of traffic. 
We think that the traffic problem only in Delhi but i realized that the it is common problems of all over India . 
Police Van In Traffic In Zirakpur 

We all see the Zirakpur Area by car and enjoy the full days . In this picture you all see the traffic police also in traffic. And that time a know the traffic for every one. We see the lot of place of Zirakpur. And i realized that it is the place become a great place of Punjab.

We all shocked that we know the price of the Zirakpur area. In just some time the properties rate of Zirakpur area fly like a rocket.  You see the prosperity rate given below : `

So i know you also very surprised like me. We want to buy a 2 BHK flats in here. And enjoy the great life style of Zirakpur. We went from Zirakpur with this dreams. And i know after some time we buy a home in here.

This is my story of Zirakpur in Punjab.