Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Philanthrophy a virtue to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Mtzirakpur are a trusted name in the world of home builders. They build with a heart showing that they care. Working towards a better living environment, and having a goal to help and work for the growth of the society is a very noble gesture. Project J 90 is launched with a marathon organized for a cause –‘I am the change’. The Respect and love for senior citizens, Respect for women, Drug abuse, Observing traffic rules, focus on health and fitness. Each cause focused on is a very vital issue, which is a problem in today’s modern India, an evil that is gradually eating up our society. The belief to start from a small beginning and that is a person himself a harbinger of change by being the change is an effective way to come together to educate the society as a whole.

Change - 1: 
Today’s youth is forgetting the tradition of showing respect and love to our senior citizens, which is in our roots and culture. We in India believe in serving our parents in their old age. This is our root and culture. Our senior citizens do not expect much from us, just our love, attention and, our company. The knowledge of our culture is with them and we should take the opportunity to learn from them and allow them to educate our children too. This can be done by simply letting our children spend time with their grandparents. An initiative like this, from Mona Townships, show a responsibility towards the society.

Change -2: Respecting women is our age-old culture and tradition. In ancient times, Indian women were always respected, and had a place in the higher strata of the society. This virtue is gradually diminishing in today’s generation. There are many factors that is affecting this. One of the major factors is evolution of the society towards modernity. Due to this, our roots are forgotten by youth. The growth of nuclear families, where there is no guidance from elders is also one reason. I am the change, by Mona Townships, on the launch of their contemporary ultra modern initiative, project J 90 have projected the owner Mr.Sethias concern for the changes in society today.

Change 3 -Every parent is a concerned parent as soon as the child reaches the age of 10 or 13. This age is before adolescence, where the child wants to be independent. Due to this, the parent also starts being liberal in a very gradual way. A parent will always be concerned due to the availability of drugs. A child is an innocent victim and an easy target for the peddlers. Organizations like the rotary club work on these issues with volunteers and members. This organization works in a systematic honest manner for the up liftment of the socially downward people. Mona Townships on the marathon run by J90 gifted the rotary club a cheque of more than a lakh of rupees, which was collected from the participants for a social cause.

Change - 4- We lead a life of no time for less time. We are always rushing somewhere or the other. Reaching before time is no more a virtue that is practiced now a day. We are always in a hurry, as we want to be punctual. Travelling long distances to office or any other place by road is very common. This is very accepted fact for Chandigarh and areas around it. Obeying traffic rules is a classic solution to avoid traffic jams and congestion and untoward accidents. Due to the rush, every commuter wants to be first hence irrespective of the traffic rules a jam is created. To be safe and having a smooth journey from the office and back, we must obey traffic rules. This is a unique aspect to make people aware of and bring a change. J 90 run for change, show that they care by promoting to adhere traffic rules.

Change – 5 A healthy body has a healthy mind. Focus on health and fitness, shows that Mona townships are concerned about the health and well-being of the citizens. They are focused on the holistic growth of the society that has to be in positive way. All the initiatives by Mona Townships have recreational facilities for de stressing.

The concern and care shown towards the integrated and total growth of the society highlights, the positive attitude of the building giant. The new venture J 90 is another state of art project with a mixed-use concept where the shops and residential spaces are together, giving a positive and energetic business & living environment.

Living up to the motto ‘Live, work and grow’, they are truly reinventing growth. By selling living spaces, they are buying a place in the people’s heart.

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