Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Process That Needs To Be Followed

Struggle Period

The struggle period begins straight after graduation but for most of them the struggle begins straight after school, the struggle to stand up in their own feet which also directly means not depending on anyone for money. Making one capable enough to pay ones bill the major expenses like the rent, food, clothes, commuting expenses amongst others. The zeal that has imbibed the youth to respect their own individuality from where they never have to burrow or ask for money from parents ever again has hit the majority at large. 

Taste of success

After years of hard work finally they would taste their success where they begin addressing all the hassles that they had gone through during their struggle period. The commuting problems faced during the struggle period are now addressed by buying a new car. The struggle of living in those decrepit homes is now addressed by living in lavish apartment. It is very obvious once the income have increased, it is obvious that rate of purchase standard of buying will increase at the same time.


Increased standard of living

Once the income increases, the standard of living increases too. We begin buying better groceries, from the dal chawal that was purchased for 35 per kg now increases up to 90 per kg. There is an increment form the regular chawal to basmati rice. There is an onset of better transport facilities, from travelling via bus we begin shifting the gears through auto and then probably shift our standards from wagoner to Mercedes and we begin doing much better in our career then probably Rolls Royce. When earlier cooking was done by ourselves now we keep maids where we can enjoy the luxury of an easy cooked food. Similar is the case for homes. Earlier we lived in rented apartments where we shared the apartment with many people only to save the cost. Now we can easily buy an entire apartment just to ourselves.

Buying expensive items which is depreciated over time for an example a car. No matter how expensive the car is it never appreciates in value. They get worn out in time. Similar is the case for all the luxurious furniture you have bought for homes or the smartphones that were brought at an expensive cost. But this is not the case with the house. Buying a home is an investment. It never depreciates in value only appreciates. Buy a home now which only doubles the price as years pass by. For the Indian families homes are brought at the thought of future prospects of family. However, bungalows are not always affordable to the majority but buying an apartment is much cheaper as compared to that of buying a bungalow.
Living standard

Why should we consider the reputation of builders before buying a home?

Since buying a home involves a huge investment that is why it is imperative to consider the reputation of the builders. There have been many cases of extortion, Fraud builders who have not yet brought the land from the owner and claim that the building is theirs, most of them are so good at convincing the buyers that with a blind-fold in their eyes they begin making the deal. They fraudulent builders market various cost-effective schemes which are targeted towards consumers, who are looking to buy homes. They easily get fooled and once the builders have received their money they run away from the area.

That was just one of the ways where a fake builder can fool you. There are various other methods of fooling consumers. Most of the times it so happens that the Government policy have been hindered. Government policy states much precaution regarding the natural disasters like fire, earthquakes, flood and a few precautions to be taken under control like the gas pipeline, traffic control amongst others. If these policies are not taken care of and if the buildings have been constructed without keeping the policies in mind then there is a big chance of the building getting demolished sooner or later, which in turn will risk all your money.

It’s imperative for buyers to go through their documents related to buy and sale. Also there are many government portals that one can come across. Whether the land is in the name of the owner or whether the lands were purchased. All of these information’s can be found in the respective Government website.


Why should we consider the reputation of brokers before buying a home?

Brokers are the first person we come in touch with. There have been many cases where fraudulent brokers claim that they are ones involved in buying homes on behalf of the builders. They will charge a few commissions and it will soon get over with.  It’s imperative for buyers to go through a back ground check before taking major decisions.

Why should we consider the veterans and not the amateur’s?

It’s also imperative that while buying homes we should consider the veteran builders over amateur builders and brokers. Veterans have been there in the market over the years and have experienced all kind of nuances related to building homes. They have dealt with all the nuances which also involve a lot of paper work, all these hassles were dealt with and hence, have made them experienced. They now know ways to deal with the issues. While dealing with amateur’s who is great at speaking and has great communication skill but experience which cannot be relied upon.

Dream home of Indian’s

People in India have an emotional attachment with their homes. They would go through thousands of processes before buying a home, considering various factors like, Vastu Shashtra, Investment, Future prospects of family. Buying a home which involves a huge investment and falling into the scam can hit back emotionally with an additional turmoil of going through court cases which involves additional costs of dealing with lawyers. To avoid this it’s always better to take precautions and get through every detail.
Dream house

Buy and Forget – The case with the majority

It’s also imperative that once the home is bought a regular check on builders are done. Their ongoing and upcoming projects, one can never know when a situation arises.