Friday, 23 January 2015

Dream Home - Struggles that of an outsider willing to make a career in the city

Coming from small town to cities to pursue education, a career, make money and solve the problems of our family. People when to move in to a city have a lot of aspirations, the enthusiasm knows no bounds. But before we proceed in the path of looking for a job or starting up a venture, the most important step first is to start looking for a place to stay.

Arrival at the city

The moment we step in the city we either end up staying at a friend’s place, relatives place or it’s pre-arranged whether we end up living with friends in their shared apartments but eventually we need to find our own place of living. For which many of us term it as House Hunting. How do we begin with it? First select the area of your choice, contact the brokers around the area. Most of their shops are referred to as Rent and Apartments. They take us around to vacant place or the newly constructed buildings.

There is a very minute possibility that we might find the right place at first go, it’s never too easy. After a lot of research, after having traversed many flats is when we come can choose a place for living.

Struggle with the shift

Either you have yourself a furnished apartment; with a good deal or you have nothing at all. That’s when the struggle starts. Because you have just nothing to yourself, wardrobes, geezer for winters, fridge for summers, utensils cylinder for the kitchen, even if not a bed at least a mattress, it a in’t an easy job.

There are times when you have furniture’s with yourself, thanks to parents you need to get them transported to a new place with the struggle of keeping them unbroken. Find a service that will help you shift the luggage with the furniture’s, charging you a hefty sum of money. That is when you begin to know that it’s no longer your town where everything could be done for less than that. You are in the city; it ought to cost you the normal cost and standard of living in your hometown.


The day you shift in, it’s all messy. It takes a day or two to assemble and re-arrange the stuffs. So while you are arranging your stuffs the only thing that goes into your stomach is pizza.
You are lucky if you have friends or relatives that help you shift otherwise you will know they are better off at their homes.

Once the house is set then comes settling the kitchen. If you know how to cook, then it should not be a tasking process. But for the novice, then the days of is just the beginning.

Looking out

The house is finally set now is the time when you start searching yourself a job. One month maximum required to find a new job that is just the onset of troubles in the city. You need to keep up with the attitude of the employers. If it does not match with yours then you definitely will not be able to crack the interview. Sorry Boss! Try somewhere else where your mindset matches up with someone else’s, so till then you keep looking. But if you don’t carry any attitude then sorry this is n’t the city for you. Find a good employment and working with the right mindsets is equally tasking. But eventually in a bigger city there is employment for everybody. Because India is known for its man power. Even the dumbest of the dumb will eventually land up with a job.

Well, you have finally managed to land up in a job it could either be your dream job or the job that you can sustain yourself at least for a while unless you find yourself doing the right job.
Landing up in a job yeah happy about it. But there is a difference. You either land up in a job to keep you afloat in the city or your dream job. Both of them which has its own consequences in the personalities of the human being.

How powerful are you in dealing with the work pressure? How stronger are you to deal with office politics? How willing are you to go the extra mile? How willing are you to hold on to or nasty bosses? These are a few things which need to be considered.

Struggles for keeping up with a job

As mentioned either you land up in your dream job or job that helps you keep afloat Struggles that come up with keeping a job that helps you keep afloat.

Even if it the job may not be your calling, or the job that you can kind with the skills you have gained over the years, then the struggle begins with your inner peace and keeping up with the expectations that the job requires. You are not good at it but its helping you pay the bills every month. You begin working hard for the job yo has never meant for doing and then you eventually end up doing just that. Struggling with your inner peace. You eventually end up having the monotony schedule. You dread going to office, but you don’t have the courage to shift to change. The fear of keeping up with the bills because a shift or any new job will take you as a trainee, and most important what will your friend think? And what about the hard work that you have put up in this job? Does this all go for a toss?
It requires courage even if this job is paying up your bills, you are not happy? So you need to take a call is money the priority or the smile that will eventually come up with the job? The inner peace and satisfaction is your priority?

If you take the call?
It will be less pay, but you will eventually love what you are doing. The hard work required to keep up with the job will not be a tasking job for you. You come home with a happy heart and a bog smile. The hard work will not tear you down. The frustration that come up with the job when not doing it right, the anger will come down.
You will be happy as a result people you are surrounded with will be happy for you. Because the people you love counts more than the money.


It’s a short life. There are so many incidents happening now and then. There is no certainty of tomorrow. The client that keeps running your business may back out from you anytime. Or the clients business might fail. You employees might ditch you. If you are keeping up with a job, there are many competitors in the market. You make a mistake once, you without any reason the boss might fire you, without considering the hard work that you have put in. Because the company needs to see itself. When your friends can sell you out, the boss is the bigger seller.

So dear friends take your call, everyone wants happiness? But is money everything? The job that you love doing will fetch you money someday or the other. But, the home that you buy from this money will be your home a home crafted out of love. It will not be a house crafted out of just the sake of money.