Saturday, 9 August 2014


 Zirakpur is located at the foothills of the Shivalik Range near Chandigarh. It is located at a very strategic point because of its proximity to Chandigarh. Chandigarh is almost saturated in terms of real estate, both residential and commercial properties. Acquiring property in a posh area or prime area in Chandigarh is almost next to impossible due to the high rates. The factor of congestion is not to be overlooked. The available land area for further industrial growth and development has reached a saturation point, due to this; urbanization and modernization are spreading in its peripheral areas like Zirakpur, Derabassi and Mohali
Amongst these, Zirakpur is the fastest growing town, having a strong potential for residential and industrial growth. It has been declared a sub- Tehsil and a future IT Hub. Due to these factors and its vantage location near most industrial areas, property prices in Zirakpur are on an upward trend.


Anticipating a good potential market, many top industry players and realtors are investing in Zirakpur. This will lead to many opportunities in this area. The state government is also supporting the growth of this area by its various development plans. It has given approval of a six lane ring road which will divert the Delhi Mohali traffic.

A proposal has been made for the widening of the Zirakpur Patiala Highway. To overcome waste water problem, A Sewage treatment plant is to be set up at in the city. Since to be developed as an IT hub, many international and national companies are looking to enter the market.

A Bus terminal to be opened soon, though there is facility of Ac and Non Ac buses to Chandigarh. Areas around are also easily accessible.


Zirakpur is one of the most developing area next to Chandigarh. People now prefer to find solace from the congestion of building traffic in Chandigarh, to a suitable area which is comfortable in terms of prices and living. Since the real estate prices and cost of living in Chandigarh is high, preference is given to buying houses in Zirakpur, where the people can get the best of both worlds. That is, Peaceful, spacious and reasonable cost of living and not being very far from the Union Territory. The region around Zirakpur is an industrial area, hence numerous realtors are coming up with world class projects here.

 Zirakpur has a promising future in terms of the real estate market. It is the most developing area hence there is scope of immense growth. As per price trends and costs of residential or commercial area, it is having a steady growth. The price rise of real estate of this area is constant. It has never been stagnant in the past five to seven years. The increases in the prices of residential areas and commercial areas have more than doubled in the past five years! The upward trend is rising on a regular basis. 


First rule of the thumb to be followed is, invest when there is still the opportunity and affordability. With the increasing demand, there is going to be a natural price hike. Presently, most favored investments are in the multistory apartments. There is an increased trend in price rates and an assured return on investment.

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