Monday, 12 May 2014

It's the perfect time to look around

Whenever the word Zirakpur pops into my mind, the first word that pampers the mind is vegetation and its serenity and its open land. Shopping, residing, buying, selling, renting are few principal sources as well as tourism in Zirakpur. It is immaculately clean without any blemish and well organized with lots of great shopping destination with regular sales and discounts sporadically.

Your Dream Home

The city has its own peculiar areas each having its own idiosyncrasy and magnetisms. VIP Road, Gazipur Road or Patiala Road- each is well known for their shopping, for its dining out possibilities for its distinctiveness and at last for its leisure and fun opportunities.

Other than shopping entertainment, people in the city are benefited with gigantic choices of dining out, wide-ranging leisure time, pleasure amenities, great public transport and good security.

VIP Road with its multi-hued shops and handful of attractiveness makes for a pleasurable stroll making it as a center of activities. It offers a lot more than just the refurbished shops and ethnic places of worship. It’s a heaven for hawker food lovers like you can see in the images- Dosa plaza, Heat 7, Gurpal bakers and many more.

There is not that much necessary to enquire about the meals of the day because just one glance at the menu can make your mouth watering and make you crawl for all the dishes they serve and you will also have the opportunity to try new dishes every time you go with your beloved or friends. They serve a trio of all day. With so many bakery shops, restaurants, dhabas all around, hawkers all around, menus in them can give your tooth a sweet taste, sour taste, bitter taste keeping it simple. The owners and staff are so friendly and cooperative and are willing to help, you will never feel rushed and they are happy to be flexible with the menu. You can find kid’s corner to keep them entertained.

There is also a good mix of hotels here, chemist shops nearby your flats from shop house hotels to party lawns to banquets or a florist sitting around which brings you to the doorstep of the street. It is a haven from the busy lanes and cramped shop houses where you can find everything from independent banquets and quirky cafe.

A florist sitting in front of the main road along side of other shops, offering some of the best flowers with flattering aroma and appreciation classes to those who want an aroma of days gone by. Taking the vagueness out of innovations that can make your life charming and exploring the greenery that is in the city for breathing of fresh air. It is easy to spend an hour or so here.

Zirakpur throbbing nightlife scene is strenuous around the scenic landscape which is generally more stress-free and tranquil. Make your way down to the mouth of the land of big grasses and be delighted in the splendid architecture and entertainment segments. Various entertaining elements bring a great range of fun filled spices as well as an intriguing collection to the city. Shops on various areas comprises of everything that is required bringing a fantastic array of shops to the area as well as great shopping and dining experiences. The colors, smiles and smells blends together to form Zirakpur making it just simple.