Monday, 28 April 2014

Beyond Expectations: Mona Greens

With breathe taking views of lush greenery through an open space. This three bedroom apartment serves perfectly for a family along with guests for accommodating. Situated in a perfect place where you can work, play, dine in style, shop and many more things you can do.

These flats are absolutely constructed with materials that are of high standards giving the unique feel. Each condo in the building is flawlessly planned and featuring unsurpassed approved amenities and all other additional features. This varied room, foyers and floors makes you easily adapted to the vibrant life along with lovely touch to every room. It makes you feel re-energized, vitalized, relaxed and living in tranquility.

These sample flats are just the starters; you can see the buildings that are under constructions and few are in the verge of completion. Strong basement, rods connecting one to another, pillars on every corner, lifts and usage of other materials makes the building muscularly stronger. Merging the looks of ancient and medieval time’s results in the best of all giving on one single site. 

The facades of every room are admired by the developers, visitors come from all over the city to just have a glance of the building so that they can be the first to invest on it. These modern designs and ideas are the inspirations to blend with the architecture with its frameless cement form seemingly eye warming. 

These stairs and lifts under constructions enable one to access through one floor to the new modern extension that takes to the highest level of the building until top. The basement rises to almost few meters off the floor which is self supporting and sustains many floors ever constructed that are above it. It is built completely of bricks, cements and various units allowing customers to feel secure and pleasured. It conveys the understanding of presenting the building that is developing in front of your eyes giving utmost satisfaction.

The intensification system as well as most of the multiparty and linking is done so flawlessly. Figure of each and every room of 3 BHK followed by the stairs connecting every floors are constructed as per the preference of people for the proper relief. Individual rooms, hallways of every floor are given importance for the new casting and compassionately giving just the right look. 
Living is the delicate balance between exploring and indulging and with Zirakpur, experiencing everything the city offers.